• Anti-Human Trafficking Module

    Comprehensive Anti-Human Trafficking Software

Anti-Human Trafficking Module

Why Choose Anti-Human Trafficking Software?

A comprehensive software solution provides your company with the tools necessary to comply with various anti-human trafficking laws, and assess and mitigate supply chain risk. Choosing to work with a compliance software partner helps companies to leverage data collected from industry-standard anti-human trafficking risk templates and rate suppliers with built-in, customizable risk algorithms. Companies benefit from using these software solutions by gaining access to markets restricted by anti-human trafficking legislation and safeguarding against legal repercussions and reputational risk.

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Identify & Mitigate Risks with the Anti-Human Trafficking Module

Assent’s Anti-Human Trafficking Module helps companies comply with anti-human trafficking laws such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), UK Modern Slavery Act and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. It helps your company to track compliance, identify and mitigate risks of modern day slavery in your supply chain, train employees and suppliers, and generate content for mandatory disclosures. The software provides data management solutions and streamlines supply chain communications, increasing the efficacy of data gathering and reporting.

Assent’s Anti-Human Trafficking Module Highlights:

Comprehensive solution to meet all compliance, risk assessment, risk mitigation, education and training needs

Integrated Assent University compliance learning management system

Built-in, customizable risk algorithms to rate and assess supplier risk based on human-trafficking template data

Manages human trafficking compliance and violations throughout the supply chain

Improved legal and reputational protection through proactive compliance

In-depth reporting on supplier and customer activities

...and more!

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