• Assent University: Compliance Learning
    Management System

    Comprehensive Compliance Training Platform

Learning Management System

What is Assent University?

Assent University is a comprehensive compliance training platform which provides high-quality compliance education to companies and suppliers. The Assent University Classroom offers multi-lingual training courses on supply chain compliance and risk reduction. Courses are created by a team of learning experts, with exclusive content from internal and industry partner subject matter experts. The openly-accessible Assent University Resource Library offers educational resources on supply chain compliance, created by learning and subject matter experts.

Benefits of a Compliance Learning Management System

A compliance learning management system increases the overall understanding and engagement of your employees and suppliers. They have unrestricted access to resources designed to educate and train them on various areas of compliance. A comprehensive, flexible and current learning management system ensures your company remains on top of the evolving compliance landscape and helps to satisfy various regulatory requirements.

Assent University Compliance Learning Management System Highlights:

Exclusive learning management tools

Request custom content, created by learning experts

View the status of courses completed by internal employees and suppliers

Seamless reporting configurable for audit or internal requirements

Create custom learning paths for employees and suppliers

Additional resources available