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The Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) includes suites of products for

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite (CSR) encompasses modules for conflict minerals, human rights, anti-corruption anti-bribery and more. These modules facilitate the collection and management of data, as well as streamline supply chain communications.

Product Compliance

The Product Compliance Suite is composed of modules designed to aid companies in the data collection, management and reporting of restricted substances in their products. Modules include REACH, RoHS and Chemical Reporting.

Vendor Management Suite

The Vendor Management Suite automates communication processes and enhances vendor partnerships. The Assent Compliance Platform helps companies to centralize the large volume of data collected, and leverage it to manage and mitigate information-related risk.

The Complete Compliance & Data Management Solution

The Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) offers convenient features and integrations:

Advanced Data Management

A relational and extensive database that stores compliance data and maps its impacts to products, businesses and workflows. Assent offers integrated data management services such as supplier data procurement, collating, validation and management.

Integrated Learning Management System

The Assent University Classroom is a complete compliance learning management system, providing companies and their supply chains with access to comprehensive compliance training courses and educational resources. Users can also track progress and course completion rates by internal employees and suppliers.

Enhanced Reporting

Integrated reporting capabilities provide unprecedented transparency into the supply chain and helps companies analyze trends within their compliance programs.

Efficient Workflows

Streamlined workflows drive compliance processes for data validation, product risk ratings, supplier scoring and more.

Advanced Supply Chain Communications

The Campaign Manager is integrated throughout the entire Assent Compliance Platform. It enables users to communicate more efficiently and quickly with their supply chains and manages data collection at scale.

The Campaign Manager

The email management system offers advanced filtering options, customizable email content, enhanced scheduling, customized metrics and more. The Campaign Manager streamlines supply chain communications, enabling users to send one email to multiple suppliers, either instantly or through the configurable scheduling system. This targeted approach enables companies to handle complex problems and escalation with ease. Integrated metrics track the success of email campaigns, such as open rate and bounce rate.

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Enhanced Data Capabilities
& Integrations

Assent can import bills of materials (BOMs), supplier lists and all custom tags, fields and related business information. We also have integrations with all major ERP and PLM systems, including SAP, Oracle and Autodesk.

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