• Conflict Mineral Outsourcing (Turnkey)

Conflict Mineral Outsourcing (Turnkey)

Conflict Mineral Outsourcing (Turnkey)

Assent Compliance offers a “turnkey” program which allows clients to outsource their entire compliance program to Assent. This program can be exclusive to conflict minerals requirements or include any number of compliance related regulations. Assent begins with the installation of its robust compliance management system (ACM – Assent Compliance Manager). The supply chain is then on boarded to the interface and the world’s simplest means to transmit compliance data, Assent’s compliance data wizard. The Assent supply chain team and regulatory team collect and analyse all required data and then formulate detailed reports, escalations to meet all related compliance requirements for the client.

The Assent Conflict Mineral Outsourcing Turnkey Program Includes:

Assent Compliance Software Suite

Supplier Management, Training & Escalations

Data collection

Regulatory Review at set thresholds

Auditable & reviewable business records or progress

Reporting & Audit Trails

Working with third party auditors (accounting/legal)

Why Choose Assent for Conflict Mineral Outsourcing?

Case Study

See how Rio Tinto, Esterline, John Deere and 25% of Fortune 500 manufactures use Assent Compliance Outsourcing Services.

By outsourcing to Assent you’ll leverage thousands of compliance contacts, records collected and the expert regulatory and supply chain teams at Assent. This allows for faster turnaround times for data collection, secure record keeping and prevents huge losses in staffing expenses. Assent’s goal is simple. Keep your company compliant at the lowest cost with the most efficient process.

See how Assent can help you with conflict mineral outsourcing today.
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