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FAR Compliance Services

Ethical Procurement & FAR Compliance Services

Assent Compliance offers industry leading Ethical Sourcing & FAR Compliance Services for companies in scope of the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR) involving trafficking in persons contracts. Assent is a thought leader in ethical sourcing and has developed best-in-class services, specifically designed for this new regulation. As companies begin to adapt to this new regulation and implement the required actions within their supply chains, our turnkey FAR compliance services will give your company a first mover advantage. See how Assent can help today with a free guided trial.

Our Ethical Procurement and FAR Compliance Services Include


The program includes a compliance learning management system in place for staff and suppliers to provide clear education around corporate policies. Track and manage supplier/staff training and education.

Data Collection Services

As part of the Assent Compliance Platform Assent administers a supplier management system that allows firms to collect data in the form of surveys, risk reports,due diligence auditing and more.

Risk Profiles

In conjunction with expert partners and the department of labor Assent has fully developed risk profiles that are assigned to suppliers to ensure high risk areas receive maximum attention.


Access real time reports and metrics of developed supplier profiles, training and documentation.

More About FAR Human Trafficking Compliance

The final rule regarding US Federal contractors trafficking in persons was enacted on March 2nd, 2015. This rule consisted of new reporting requirements amending the FAR in order to strengthen protections against human trafficking. Before these amendments were outlined, there were limited securities in place to protect victims of human trafficking violations in the US. This new FAR regulation could affect approximately 300,000 US federal contractors, both domestically and internationally.

Why Assent’s FAR Compliance Services – Partnering with The Leader

Assent is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and FAR compliance services and has been at the forefront of this regulation since its inception. Our turnkey FAR compliance module can be uniquely configured to meet your specific business requirements, while also significantly reducing your compliance risk.

Assent can help your company save thousands of wasted hours and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Assent’s FAR compliance services, your company will have a first mover advantage that will in-turn allow you win future contracts while your competition remains static.

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