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REACH Module

REACH SVHC Module Overview


The REACH SVHC Module, part of the Product Compliance Suite, enables companies to manage their product compliance requirements with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. Intelligent features built into the software send notifications when new substances are added to the Candidate List, ensuring companies are equipped to communicate with their supply chains efficiently and remain up-to-date as restricted substances change. Integrated features such as the Campaign Manager and the Assent University Classroom streamline supply chain communications and provide companies and suppliers with access to advanced product compliance education.

Why Choose a REACH Compliance Solution?

A compliance solution for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) management enables companies to assess and analyze the risks associated with these substances. As SVHCs change and new substances are added to the Candidate List for consideration, a comprehensive software solution provides companies with timely notifications and easy access to relevant information in order to manage their SVHCs, complete material disclosures and create accurate reports.

Assent’s FMDComplete Material Declaration tool can be used to upload, edit, validate and generate IPC-1752A XML declaration files.

Use FMDComplete

REACH SVHC Module Highlights:

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) tracking

Automatic notifications for new substances added to Candidate List

Efficient supply chain communications through the integrated Campaign Manager

Comprehensive reporting

Centralized SVHC management solution for collection, storage and reporting

Hosts roll-up features from part, to component, to product with unlimited bill of materials (BOM) relationships

Declarations can be uploaded directly into the system based on known material compositions

And more!

The Product Compliance Suite ensures you stay ahead of regulatory requirements
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