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Conflict Minerals Software

Conflict Minerals Software For Reviewable Business Records

Assent’s Conflict Mineral Module provides companies with the functionality necessary to conduct a Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry, maintain reviewable business records, create reports and meet all the requirements necessary to comply with global conflict mineral regulations. By utilizing our software, your suppliers can submit simple forms (following the GeSI-EICC Conflict Free Smelter form template if requested) online concerning the parts and materials they supply that may contain conflict minerals. This process is repeated programmatically throughout your supply chain until the materials source of origin is identified as conflict-free. When this process is interrupted through a lack or deficiency of information, our team reviews the incorrect or missing data and helps you implement corrective actions.

Our Conflict Minerals Software Also Covers the Following Top-Level Services:

Project management and database administration

Bill of materials (BOM) integration and security

Interface configuration

Supplier portal setup and maintenance

Education, support and training through the Assent University Classroom

Supplier notifications and declaration gathering

Task management and due diligence audit trails

Regulatory impact analysis

Conflict minerals reporting

Continued regulatory update notifications

Why Assent’s Conflict Minerals Software Is The Best

Assent Compliance is the leader in Conflict Minerals Software solutions. Assent’s software can provide you with a turnkey solution for Conflict Minerals compliance including the following services:
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