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Assent’s team of regulatory and compliance experts provides expertise and guidance on product compliance, corporate social responsibility and vendor management to every aspect of the company’s operations, including our internal teams and clients. The team is comprised of experienced industry experts and legal counsel, and gives Assent the leading edge when it comes to product development, client support and industry initiatives.

James Calder Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Programs

James manages the regulatory and compliance experts team. He is responsible for delivering subject matter expertise to every aspect of Assent Compliance, improving the product’s function and the knowledge of the clients using it. He has over 12 years of compliance experience, building and improving programs at companies like Nortel, Rakuten and Intertek, and applies this experience to Assent’s data management, verification, assessment, supply chain training and engagement, mitigation and full due diligence strategy. James has authored many publications and is a member of a variety of industry organizations such as IEC TC111 Group Mirror Committee, IPC 175X, IAEG, SCCE, AIAG and more.

Travis Miller General Counsel

Travis is an international trade and compliance attorney specializing in: ITAR/EAR/Sanctions; global anti-corruption, anti-slavery, code of conduct, environmental, health and safety; product stewardship (RoHS/REACH/Conflict Minerals) and corporate social responsibility (corporate ethics, CSR/CDP reporting, SEC filings). He manages Assent’s worldwide legal activities, such as advising the board of directors on legal matters and overseeing corporate compliance, governance initiatives and other commercial transactions. Travis provides legal support and insight to every team at the company, from sales to services and partner organizations.

Kate Dunbar Senior Business & Human Rights Analyst

Kate is a Senior Business and Human Rights Analyst for Assent. Her work experience spans across civil society organizations, UN agencies, international NGOs and the private sector. Prior to joining Assent, Kate worked as a child protection in emergencies specialist and as an anti-human trafficking advocate. Kate has put her expertise to work in 13 countries across four continents. She is committed to supporting companies in their efforts to ensure respect for human rights throughout their operations and supply chains.

Sarah Carpenter Manager, Business & Human Rights

Sarah is a human rights practitioner who specializes in promoting business respect for human rights globally. She supported the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) in Bangladesh as it was playing a central role promoting labor rights reform in the garment sector following the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse. She has worked for a range of rights-based NGOs, like Plan International and the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability. She holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science from McGill University.

Jared Connors Senior Subject Matter Expert, Corporate Social Responsibility

Jared is a senior subject matter expert focused on helping companies achieve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals through increased understanding and risk mitigation. He specializes in a holistic approach to CSR by guiding companies into new areas of compliance that enhance and complement their programs. Jared’s experience in the regulatory space spans over 12 years in areas such as CSR, supply chain risk, conflict minerals and environmental compliance. Jared holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Business from Arizona State University.

Bruce Jarnot Senior Manager, Product Compliance

Bruce is a board-certified toxicologist with a strong background in global regulatory, materials management and environmental health and safety. He has a robust professional skill-set in global product compliance (including REACH, RoHS and Proposition 65), food and beverage regulations, FDA and USDA standards, and more. Bruce has over 20 years of experience in the product compliance industry, and holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Wesleyan University.

Valerie Kuntz Materials Management Subject Matter Expert

Valerie Kuntz spent over 19 years at Intel, starting in materials before moving to IT as a System Analyst, Project Manager and finally Program Manager in charge of IT Environmental Compliance. She specializes in RoHS and REACH implementation processes at large companies, as well as extended producer responsibility and conflict minerals processes. Valerie is committed to the improvement and development of various declaration standards through her involvement with IPC 175X, IAEG and IEC.

Raj Takhar Subject Matter Expert, Materials Management & Chemical Reporting (Europe)

Raj specializes in product compliance and chemical reporting in Europe, as well as program implementation. With his years of experience as a REACH system engineer and senior implementation consultant, Raj has the unique ability to help companies meet their product compliance challenges, despite an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Raj is currently completing his Ph.D on the impact of chemical regulations on the aerospace and defense industries at the University of Derby.

Sanket Mehta Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst

Sanket helps companies implement corporate social responsibility programs in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and translate results into financial growth. He has provided these services on three continents, acquiring on-the-ground expertise in sustainable development, policy, impact strategy and assessment, and reporting practices. Before joining Assent, he provided innovation and thought leadership to companies such as Dasra and Spie UK.

Neil Smith Manager, Compliance & Regulatory Programs

Neil helps companies manage their product compliance and sustainability programs, with a focus on environmental health and safety (EHS). He is an energetic, effective communicator who thrives on collaborating with companies to solve their challenges. Before joining Assent, Neil was the primary resource for Isola Group’s EHS program, leading worldwide regulatory and customer-driven compliance programs.

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