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Our CEO’s Commitment to You

If you are reading this, we are extremely fortunate for you to have found our company, Assent Compliance. Now it is my job in as few a words as possible to convince you that we should earn your trust, your business and ideally a long term relationship with our firm. How does Assent stand out? By combining regulation expertise with world-class software typically operated by our compliance team to ensure you have the right information, validated and reported in the right way at the right time for your business needs. We reduce the cost, eliminate the hassle and ensure that the burden on your suppliers and organization is minimized to ensure you can focus on your core business. That is my commitment to you. We focus on your compliance needs, and you focus on your core business while ensuring both legal and reputation risks are prudently managed.

– Andrew Waitman, CEO

About Assent Compliance

In 2005, Assent began when our parent company developed enterprise materials tracking software for the RoHS Directive. As the compliance demands on enterprise clients grew, so did the demand for our company to expand and provide solutions for other compliance challenges. Today, Assent Compliance is a large-scale company working with a supplier network of more than a quarter million manufacturers. Led by an accomplished Leadership Team combined with tier one institutional investors, Assent is the fastest-growing compliance company in the world.

Our consolidated enterprise compliance SaaS software and data management solutions, available through the Assent Compliance Platform’s suites and modules, help companies stay compliant in an evolving regulatory landscape. We offer adaptable data-focused modular solutions to enhance corporate social responsibility, product compliance and vendor management programs, along with highly-focused compliance training and education through the Assent University Classroom. Our products and services are supported by a world-class team of regulatory and customer service experts, providing vital consulting and turnkey program management. Assent is a compliance partner that scales with our clients for the future.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We take pride in our commitment to corporate social responsibility, in both our software and our business operations. Assent’s CSR Initiative takes an environmentally-conscious, socially-responsible and ethically-minded approach to our business development and relationships, and works to implement the principles of the UN Global Compact. We strive to lead by example — implementing CSR in our own operations allows us to help clients achieve their corporate social responsibility goals through our partnership.

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