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Why Use an AD-DSL Solution?

Without standardized approaches to data collection, companies in the aerospace and defense industry often face challenges in getting accurate, quality data from their supply chains. A robust Aerospace and Defence Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL) solution allows these companies to streamline the declaration process by accepting IPC-1754 XML files, AD-SRT files and manual declarations. Companies using an AD-DSL solution such as Assent’s will benefit from more efficient supplier engagement, standardized submissions workflow management, centralized access to data and reduced supplier fatigue.

The Assent AD-DSL Module

Assent’s AD-DSL Module is industry’s only end-to-end AD-DSL solution, covering over 1,200 substances, including REACH, Proposition 65, persistent organic pollutants and more, specific to the aerospace and defense industry. It benefits from the IPC-1754 data exchange standard to collect information on substances used in both product and process.

With the module, suppliers are able to declare against the AD-DSL using all three available methods: IPC-1754 XML file, the AD-SRT Excel template, or manually. Data collected can then be exported as properly formatted IPC-1754 XML files to help meet customer requirements for information. Assent’s AD-DSL Module enables users to efficiently run campaigns, generate standard DSL reports, view advanced submission data and configure their campaigns to collect specific supporting documents to enable program success.

Easily create IPC-1754 XML files using the Assent Materials Declaration Tool.
Use Tool

Accepts IPC-1754 XML files, AD-SRT Excel files and manual declarations.

Reduces supplier fatigue with standardized approach to data collection.

Supports collection of part data against substances specific to industry.

Exports IPC-1754 XML files to quickly satisfy upstream requests.

Benefit from the automated Assent Compliance Manager workflow.

Leverage advanced reporting and analytics.

...And more!

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