The Assent
Audit & Inspection Manager

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager optimizes the audit reporting and delivery process, ensuring consistent, reliable data in one centralized location and enabling risk remediation in real-time.


Benefits of the Assent
Audit & Inspection Manager



The configurable framework optimizes the third-party evaluation process by combining the efforts of various internal stakeholders into one efficient process that eliminates the need for multiple points of contact. Data collection is streamlined with industry-standard templates for common third-party evaluations, such as corporate social responsibility use-cases and annual evaluations. Templates can also be configured to meet company-specific data collection requirements.


Adaptive Auditing
& Inspections

The software adapts to meet the needs of changing audit and inspection requirements, while still following the required audit framework, to maximize the efficiency of each audit conducted. Using intuitive task management and the option to configure checklists in real time, auditors are able to provide feedback and edit tasks as needed with none of the downtime associated with manual processes.


Centralized Audit & Inspection Management

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager provides centralized access to audit tasks, data and results at any time, anywhere. The user-friendly interface is optimized for both desktop and tablet using iOS or Android operating systems.


Barrier-Free Auditing
& Inspections

Using data-driven risk evaluations, the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager identifies third parties with the highest risk potential. The risk management workflow maximizes the impact of risk mitigation efforts while satisfying the need for broad scale due diligence.


Audit Anywhere

Convenient offline mode for areas of limited or no connectivity ensures audit evaluations can be conducted anywhere in the world, with all required attachments and data easily accessible and organized. Data collected in offline mode is synchronized with existing data when the user re-establishes their connection.

The Audit & Inspection Solution

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager enables companies to focus, automate and centralize their third-party evaluations and corrective actions management process. Companies benefit from targeted risk assessment, intuitive workflows, corrective actions management, demonstrable audit trails and more — all while eliminating the need for manual tools and processes.The software complements compliance and data management solutions, like the Assent Compliance Platform, for complete supply chain risk identification and mitigation in real time.

Learn how to streamline your company’s audit process with the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager.

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An Accredited Host
for Third-Party Auditing

As an accredited host for third-party auditing, the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager facilitates self-assessment and verification requirements mandated by the Social & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP). Apparel and footwear brands benefit from:

  • A complete SLCP question set.
  • Global access, even in remote areas.
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly software.
  • Findings and corrective action management.
  • Benchmark reporting.


  • Cloud-based software supports seamless availability of data
  • Desktop and mobile friendly on iOS and Android systems
  • Offline mode for synchronized inspections and result uploads
  • Integration with the Assent Compliance Platform for complete risk identification and mitigation
  • Task and remediation tracking, in plain language, provides accountability and clarity
  • Technical and regulatory support from Assent’s subject matter experts
  • Configurable checklists ensure standardization and predictability of data
  • Multi-language support available

See how the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager can centralize your audit process and streamline collaboration with third-party stakeholders.

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