Assent University

Assent University provides high-quality supply chain data management education to companies and suppliers around the world.


As the only learning management system focused on supply chain data management, Assent University offers multilingual training courses on product compliance, vendor management and corporate social responsibility regulations and requirements. Courses are created by a team of learning and regulatory experts, and leverage best practices to deliver world-class training to employees and suppliers.

Benefits of Assent University


Reduce the risk of non-compliance by raising understanding and engagement across the supply chain.


Build a strong supply chain data management program that achieves excellence through education.

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Satisfy various regulatory requirements and remain on top of the evolving regulatory landscape.

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Achieve better supply chain data collection results by educating suppliers on their requirements.

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Track course completion through custom learning paths.

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Increase transparency through seamless reporting that can be configured for audits or internal requirements.

Why Is Education Important?

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  • Many regulations, including corporate social responsibility and human rights initiatives, have education requirements.‎

  • Education facilitates successful supply chain data management programs by keeping companies ahead of regulatory changes‎.‎

  • Companies achieve better results in their data collection and compliance initiatives when suppliers are educated on their requirements.

  • Companies can better protect business continuity and their brand when internal stakeholders are educated on the signs of risk.

Who Should Use Assent University

Suppliers trying to understand customer requests.

Executives who want to understand their organization’s responsibilities.

Compliance specialists looking to stay up to date on changing regulatory requirements.

… Anyone who wants to know more about the regulatory landscape.

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