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October 29, 2020

The Path to the First SCIP Database Submission

Join Assent as they show how their solution is helping the world's largest enterprises prepare for t...Continue Reading


September 16, 2020

The Impact of the EU Circular Economy & Waste Framework Directive on Your Company — Webinar

Join Assent Compliance and Lorax Compliance to learn about the EU circular economy, and what the WFD...Continue Reading


August 26, 2020

The SCIP Registration Center: A New Tool for SCIP Submissions

Under the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD), almost all companies in the European Union (EU) will h...Continue Reading


August 11, 2020

REACHing the SCIP Database Deadline

The European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (WFD) January 5, 2021, deadline is approaching, an...Continue Reading


June 9, 2020

EU Waste Framework Directive Scoping Guide

The January 5, 2020, deadline to submit data to the Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) databas...Continue Reading


June 23, 2020

Managing EU Waste Framework Requirements With the Assent & PTC Platforms

To manage new European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (WFD) requirements effectively, companie...Continue Reading


April 30, 2020

Expanding Your REACH Program to Support the Waste Framework Directive

Under the revised European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (WFD), companies manufacturing or se...Continue Reading


April 16, 2020

Meeting SCIP Database Requirements as a Non-EU Company

This guidance explains the responsibilities of non-EU companies under the revised EU WFD, how they p...Continue Reading

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