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What Is the AD-DSL?

Created and maintained by the International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG), the Aerospace and Defence Declarable Substance List (AD-DSL) is a list of approximately 1,200 chemical substances that are commonly used in the manufacture, repair and ongoing maintenance of aerospace and defense products, and which are controlled under a variety of regulations impacting the industry. The list can be reported against throughout the supply chain with the IPC-1754 data exchange standard, allowing companies to roll up chemical data from the lowest tiers of its supply chain. Companies that cannot leverage IPC-1754 can still acquire AD-DSL data through the IAEG’s Aerospace and Defence Substance Reporting Tool (AD-SRT).

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Who Benefits From the AD-DSL?

Companies in the aerospace and defense industry

Other companies that want to consolidate reporting on a range of product compliance regulations through one streamlined DSL format

Manufacturers, producers and distributors that require visibility into all tiers of the supply chain

Suppliers working across multiple industries that want to leverage a common set of data fields for material declarations

Learn more about the AD-DSL.
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