• [Case Study]DMI Companies Inc.

    As a global HVAC manufacturer, DMI Companies has exhaustive chemical reporting requirements. Find out how the company leveraged the Assent Compliance Platform to acquire data efficiently.

What’s included in this case study?

In the expanding regulatory landscape, companies are managing more supply chain data every year. Compliance programs that do not leverage modern supply chain data solutions have difficulty keeping pace. The Assent Compliance Platform helps companies such as DMI Companies Inc. manage their Proposition 65 data requirements efficiently. This case study examines their results and successes using the platform.

Key Features Include:

  • Proposition 65 scoping and requirements
  • Customer feedback and testimonials
  • Overview of a successful chemical reporting program
  • Assent platform benefits
  • And more!

Your company can also leverage the Assent Compliance Platform to manage chemical reporting data. Download your copy of the case study to learn more.

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