• [eBook]Budgeting for Compliance

    When it comes to compliance, you’re either lagging behind or leading the pack. A reactive approach to compliance will leave you spending more time and money on compliance activities to cover fewer risks. In contrast, when you’re proactive, your upfront investments provide a strong foundation that will allow you to respond quickly to changes. In our eBook, we explore how to best build a proactive program, what changes compliance teams need to prepare for, and where to spend to get the most bang for your buck.

What’s in This eBook?

This eBook takes a look at upcoming regulatory changes, and highlights how these shifts will impact your business in the coming years. It prepares you to make the essential business decisions needed for success.

Insights Include:

  • The legal case for supply chain due diligence, in a chapter guest-authored by Michael R. Littenberg, Partner at Ropes & Gray LLP.
  • How to budget for compliance, by contributors Tina Armstrong, PhD, Vice President & Principal Scientist at Arcadis U.S., and Danny Cassidy, Vice President, Global Sales, Compliance & Risks.
  • Changes to expect in the regulatory landscape.
  • Options for allocating budget toward compliance.

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