• eBookCombating Human Trafficking & Slavery in Apparel Supply Chains

    The scope and complexity of modern apparel supply chains creates challenges in maintaining transparency and monitoring the activities of all suppliers. How can you combat human trafficking and slavery in your apparel supply chain? Download our eBook to find out!

What’s in This eBook?

Combating Human Trafficking & Slavery in Apparel Supply Chains is your best resource for understanding how these illegal activities occur within some of the world’s top brand supply chains. In this eBook you will find information on human trafficking and slavery within the apparel industry, what it looks like and how to mitigate the risk of exposure to these activities within your supply chain.

Chapter Overview

  • Chapter One: Understanding Supply Chain Vulnerability in the Apparel Industry
  • Chapter Two: The Risks of Unauthorized Subcontracting
  • Chapter Three: Identifying Human Trafficking & Slavery in Apparel Supply Chains
  • Chapter Four: Corporate Liability for Forced Labor & Trafficking
  • Chapter Five: Human Trafficking & Slavery Regulations
  • Chapter Six: Measuring Compliance in the Industry: Best Practices & Examples
  • Chapter Seven: Practical Insights for Your Supply Chain
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