• [eBook]Corporate Social Responsibility: A Quick-Start Guide to CSR & Your Supply Chain

    More than ever before, corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives are key differentiators for businesses in the global marketplace. Download our eBook to learn how you can get started.

What's in This eBook?

The Quick-Start Guide to CSR & Your Supply Chain is your complete guide to establishing a corporate social responsibility program at your company. In this eBook, you will learn what regulations to be aware of, what components are included in a successful CSR program, and why these programs make sense for your business.

Key insights include:

  • Chapter 1: Defining Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Chapter 2: The Business Case for CSR
  • Chapter 3: Core CSR Components
  • Chapter 4: Implementing a CSR Program
  • Chapter 5: Key Requirements for CSR Due Diligence
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