• [eBook]Navigating the Compliance Landscape: Retail

    Retail companies have a growing role within the expanding regulatory landscape. Is your supply chain data management strategy ready to scale?

What's in This eBook?

Retailers have a growing level of responsibility to validate and verify the data provided to them by suppliers, as well as the labor environments to which they outsource manufacturing. There is a growing range of requirements they must meet in order to sell products directly to consumers and avoid financial penalties. This eBook outlines the challenges — and solutions — associated with supply chain due diligence and data management in the retail industry.

Key Insights Include:

  • Using regulatory compliance as a marketing advantage
  • The importance of reporting on corporate social responsibility
  • How to communicate and meet supply chain requirements
  • How Assent helps companies navigate the landscape
  • And more!

Protect your company from the risks associated with global regulatory requirements. Download your copy of the eBook now.

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