• [Guide]Complete Supply Chain Data Management With the Assent Compliance Platform

    The regulatory landscape is evolving, and effective supply chain data management is a challenge for companies that source and export their products globally. Find out how Assent helps companies manage their expanding data requirements.

What’s in This Guide?

Companies are acquiring more data types from the supply chain. Accordingly, data management is becoming more costly and complex. This guide shows the ongoing challenges increasing regulation has introduced to supply chain data management, and how Assent helps companies solve them.

Key Insights Include:

  • The expanding landscape of supply chain data
  • Challenges associated with supplier data
  • How the Assent Compliance Platform integrates with your systems
  • How to gain a complete understanding of your products with full material disclosures
  • Your data’s journey, from CAD geometry to a Declaration of Compliance
  • And more!
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