• [Guide]Expanding Your Platform to Manage Human Trafficking & Slavery Data

    Human trafficking and slavery is a growing risk in every region. Mitigating this risk is a complex challenge for companies, and they have a growing imperative to do so in light of the severe penalties it could have on their production schedules. Is your company acquiring the data it needs to show enforcement bodies, consumers and other stakeholders that it’s performing due diligence to keep their products safe from materials manufactured or sourced through forced labor?

What’s in This Guide?

This guide outlines why your company should expand its supply chain data management program to manage human trafficking and slavery data and protect its products from forced labor.

Key Insights Include:

  • Why human trafficking and slavery is the weakest link in your supply chain.
  • Recent enforcement trends that have created urgency.
  • How failing to perform due diligence can impact production.
  • How expanding your supply chain data management solution can build value into your program.
  • …And more!

Learn more about how to protect your products from risks associated with human trafficking and slavery by downloading your copy of the guide.

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