• [Guide]The Assent Product Compliance Suite

    Complying with various international regulations that restrict the use of substances in products can be a challenge for in-scope companies. With Assent’s Product Compliance Suite, you will have the resources you need to easily collect supplier data, track campaign performance and report on product composition.

[Guide] The Assent Product Compliance Suite

What's Included in This Guide?

This guide provides an overview of the modules housed under Assent’s Product Compliance Suite. It also highlights the advantages of managing requirements for various product compliance regulations, including REACH and RoHS, in one centralized place.

Key Components of This Guide Include:

  • The benefits of a suite-level approach to compliance
  • An overview of modules belonging to the Product Compliance Suite
  • Other tools you can leverage through the Assent Compliance Platform
  • …And more!

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