• [Guide]Smelter Validation: Your Guide to Low-Risk Minerals

    Conflict minerals requirements are expanding, and companies need to evaluate smelters in their supply chains for links to conflict minerals. Find out how Assent helps companies validate smelter data and show their efforts to source minerals responsibly.

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What's Included in This Guide?

Smelter validation is a lengthy, budget-heavy task. Companies must be aware of the smelters in their supply chains that could present risk, but building a program that can effectively identify that risk takes manpower and regulatory expertise. This guide outlines the issues companies face in validating smelter data, and how Assent helps them solve those challenges.

Key Insights Include:

  • Best practices for validating smelter risk.
  • Developing an effective smelter management system.
  • Identifying and mitigating smelter risk.
  • Understanding your compliance status and filing a disclosure.
  • How Assent helps companies perform these tasks.
  • And more!

The Assent Compliance Platform can perform smelter validation and manage your conflict minerals program with precision.

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