• [Guide]Supply Chain Engagement: How Can You Increase Supplier Response Rates & Data Quality

    Your company’s code of conduct is one of the best tools you have to ensure your operations and supply chain remain in line with corporate social responsibility standards. It guides the way your supply chain operates, ensures your suppliers are aware of their requirements, and maintains the ethical and professional standards so important to your company and its brand.

What's Included in This Guide?

The challenge for companies like yours is ensuring your suppliers not only receive your code of conduct, but agree to follow its tenets. Unfortunately, the code of conduct’s impact is often reduced due to low supplier engagement rates. In this guide, learn how to turn that trend around so you can properly engage your suppliers and get the most out of this vital document.

In This Guide You Will Learn About:

The Supply Chain Engagement Guide provides important information you can use to get the most out of your code of conduct through increased supply chain engagement. In this guide, you will learn about:

  • Challenges companies face when engaging their suppliers
  • Five ways to improve supply chain engagement for your code of conduct
  • Action items you can address immediately
  • And more!
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