• [Webinar]Compliance Essentials: IPC-1754 & Data Exchange in the Supply Chain

    Collecting consistent product data and passing it through the supply chain is rarely a simple task. This is why IPC-1754 was created. It is a standard XML template that streamlines data exchange for companies in the aerospace and defense and heavy machinery industries, with the expectation that it will be widely adopted across other industries.
    Join Valerie Kuntz, Assent’s Materials Management Subject Matter Expert, and Eric Ramsden, Assent’s Senior Product Manager, to learn how Assent’s new AD-DSL module can help your company manage data exchange across the supply chain.

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2PM ET | 11AM PT | 6PM GMT


Thursday, October 18th, 2018


Approximately 45 minutes

Webinar Summary

Topics that will be covered in this webinar include:

  • Why IPC-1754 was created
  • What challenges it solves that IPC-1752A does not
  • Which tools Assent has available to streamline substance data collection
  • A demo of Assent’s AD-DSL module, which accepts IPC-1754 XML and Aerospace & Defence Substance Reporting Template (AD-SRT) input
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