• [Webinar]Eliminating Human Trafficking & Slavery Risk in Your Supply Chain

    Companies today face many challenges in achieving supply chain transparency and eliminating the potential for unseen risks. The concern of human trafficking and slavery in a globally diverse supply chain is ever-present, and can threaten a company’s brand and restrict market access.
    In this webinar, Assent’s Senior Business & Human Rights Analyst, Kate Dunbar, and Senior Product Manager Corporate Social Responsibility, Ron Kaine, will discuss these challenges and the strategies corporations use to combat them.

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2PM ET | 11AM PT | 6PM GMT


Wednesday, August 8th, 2018


Approximately 45 minutes

Webinar Summary

Join us to explore:

  • Why companies must establish a human trafficking and slavery risk assessment program
  • Challenges faced by program champions in the corporate world
  • Examples of successful strategies to identify and eliminate risk in the supply chain
  • Resources that can help companies establish and build their programs
  • A demo of the Assent Compliance Platform’s Human Trafficking & Slavery solution
  • How to incorporate your efforts into a wider corporate social responsibility program

This is your opportunity to hear how companies are managing human trafficking and slavery risk in their supply chains — and learn about strategies you can use in your own program.

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