There are two weeks til Christmas,
But thanks to Assent,
Compliance is easy, and Santa content


The elves are all working,
their toys nearly made
All the data collected,
And due diligence paid

Ahead of schedule this year
And with time to spare,

The elves watch last year’s film
from their cozy chairs

Watch the video.

The Assent Compliance

Assent's supply chain data management solution allows Santa to easily collect and manage supplier data so children around the world receive safe and ethically-sourced toys this holiday season. The Assent Compliance Platform has suites of products that help Santa and his team meet corporate social responsibility, product compliance and vendor management requirements. After leveraging our solution, Santa has more time to spare, so he can prepare for the next holiday season — or take part in holiday fun with the elves. A happy holidays to all, indeed!

Some Benefits of
the Platform

Advanced Data Management

Streamlined data collection, validation and management ensures accuracy, completeness and ease of access. The Assent Compliance Platform maps the impact of supply chain data on products, businesses and workflows.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting capabilities provide insights into the supply chain and help analyze trends.

Automated Communications

Supply chain communications are automated, streamlining outreach and data collection. Through the Supplier Portal, data submission is more efficient.


The Assent University Classroom is a complete learning management system, offering companies and their supply chains access to comprehensive training courses.

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for a Compliant Christmas

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