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Why Do Our Clients Choose
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Bill Wheatley, former Director of Strategic Projects at a $1.5 billion medical device company, was looking for a solution to help his company meet its requirements. Instead, he found a supply chain data management platform that went above and beyond his expectations.

Assent offers our clients the value and support they expect from the industry’s leading supply chain data management company. Some of these benefits include:

  • Centralized, automated data management
  • Access to in-house regulatory expertise
  • 24/7 support
  • Education and training resources

I didn’t enjoy compliance until
I started working with Assent.

Bill Wheatley


Our Clients Include:


Ken Manchen

Former Director of Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs of a multinational electronics distributor

Our initial compliance solution provider was unable to deliver the consistent, quick, reliable service we needed. I talked to fellow compliance professionals and compared other services to identify the best provider to partner with going forward. That company was Assent.


Ryan Zelhofer

Product Compliance Manager, Plexus Corp.

Assent understands that in order to truly provide a high quality partnership with their clients, it means not just having a strong platform, but more importantly have people behind that platform that care about the topics they manage and helping companies reach their full potential. It is the passion of their employees that make the difference.


Rhonda Grady

Former Program Manager, Ethics & Business Compliance, Esterline Technologies

Assent's responsiveness, patience and attention to detail go beyond what I think of as exceptional customer service.


Wilhelm Janisch

Head, Global Environmental Compliance, Baxter International Inc.

Assent builds relationships, follows regulations, keeps things simple and provides high value. The full group of staff are passionate, fun, efficient and effective.


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    Satisfied suppliers are essential to a strong compliance program. Why do suppliers love working with Assent?

    "I wish all firms could make it this easy!"


    "Very quick and simple to complete."


    "Extremely user-friendly."


    "Very easy to use. More organizations should use this method."

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