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What Does Collaboration
With Assent Look Like?

Assent is the global leader in supply chain data management. With more than 400 customers worldwide, and a network of more than 300,000 suppliers, we understand the value of collaboration in achieving success.

Assent connects our team of regulatory experts, along with our product and marketing specialists, with organizations and thought leaders to add value, guidance and education. These collaborations foster mutually-beneficial relationships as we work toward shared goals. By creating solutions that benefit industry, and providing valuable and informative resources, we can make a positive impact on the compliance space as a whole.

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Benefits of working with Assent include:

Receiving best-in-class products, services and education
Connecting with our innovative team members and industry experts
Accessing new markets and revenue streams
Reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness

Explore Our Partnership Opportunities

A partnership with Assent offers your company options that fit your organization’s needs. Some partner avenues include:

Reseller Partner

A partner organization that provides services and/or sells our product on behalf of Assent.

Technology Partner

A third party that adds solutions to expand our technological offering, creating greater value and generating additional revenue.

Brand Ambassador

An advocate of Assent’s brand and products that leverages their knowledge and expertise to help share our story.

Referral Partner

A referrer shares the value of Assent with their network and receives exclusive benefits.

Manufacturing Data & Analysis Partner

A partner organization that uses the Assent Compliance Platform directly to help augment one-off BOM parts validation for REACH, RoHs, Conflict Minerals and Full Material Disclosure for their respective customers.

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Thought Leaders & Advisors

Assent also works with consultancies, trade and industry associations, legal firms, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders in the supply chain management space. These subject matter experts offer insight based on their areas of expertise, and provide real-world examples and practical guidance, gaining visibility and brand awareness for their respective initiatives and organizations.

Our Partners & Affiliates

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We are proud to bring our product stewardship and producer responsibility expertise to Assent’s partnership program. Our software and services allow Assent, a solution provider to Fortune 500 companies across the globe, to enhance their comprehensive software, while the partnership gives us the opportunity to bring our brand and expertise in environmental compliance to new niche audiences.


Chief Operating Officer, Lorax

My collaboration with Assent has been invaluable; our relationship has grown over the years. I’ve connected with new networks and audiences through presentations, both solo and side-by-side with members of Assent’s Regulatory team.


Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

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