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[Guide] Assent Compliance Platform and Product Suite Guide

Assent Compliance Platform Suites

The Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) includes suites of products for:

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite (CSR) encompasses modules for conflict minerals, human rights, anti-bribery anti-corruption and more. These modules automate the collection and management of all relevant data, as well as streamline supply chain communications.

Product Compliance

The Product Compliance Suite’s modules help companies meet their obligations under various global product compliance laws. The Product Compliance Suite automates data collection and management, and provides detailed reporting capabilities. Modules include REACH, EU RoHS and TSCA Restrictions. Assent’s software updates alongside ever-changing regulations, ensuring companies always remain ahead of their product compliance requirements.

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Suite automates communication processes and enhances vendor partnerships. The Assent Compliance Platform helps companies centralize the large volume of data collected and leverage it to manage and mitigate vendor-related risk.

Configurable Data Collection

The Assent Compliance Platform is designed to collect a broad range of supply chain data. Our solution collects data as diverse and unique as the companies we work with, and can be configured to meet each company’s needs holistically by accommodating business or industry-specific data. Regardless of which data needs to be collected, Assent’s world-class technology can be leveraged as a part of an efficient and effective solution, providing supply chain data collection and management through a single, intuitive interface.

Assent Compliance Platform Benefits

Advanced Data Management

Comprehensive data collection, management and validation helps companies overcome their supply chain data challenges. With the Assent Compliance Platform, clients receive the information they need from their global supply chains while supporting rapid, reliable supplier engagement.

Integrated Learning Management System

The Assent University Classroom is a complete compliance learning management system, providing companies and their supply chains with access to comprehensive compliance training courses and educational resources. Users can track internal employee and supplier progress as well as course completion rates.

Detailed Reporting

Integrated reporting capabilities within the Assent Compliance Platform provide transparency into the supply chain and help companies analyze trends within their compliance programs.

Efficient Workflows

Streamlined workflows drive compliance processes for data validation, product risk ratings, supplier scoring and more. Assent’s workflows deliver reliable results based on industry best practices to ensure compliance processes are efficient and predictable.

Automated Supply Chain Communications

The Campaign Manager automates supply chain outreach and data collection, streamlining the entire supply chain communication process. It is integrated with the Assent Compliance Platform, meaning clients can begin using it for their campaigns immediately. It enables users to communicate more efficiently with their supply chains and manages data collection at scale.

The Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager facilitates efficient and responsive supplier engagement. Its intuitive interface offers advanced filtering options, customizable email content, enhanced scheduling, customized metrics and more. It also streamlines supply chain communications, enabling users to send one email to multiple suppliers, either instantly or through the scheduling system. This targeted approach enables companies to handle complex problems and escalation with ease. Integrated metrics track the success of email campaigns, such as open rate, bounce rate and more.

Download the Campaign Manager overview for more information.

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Assent’s platform is compatible with most ERP and PLM systems through API integration, including SAP, Oracle, and PTC Windchill. These integration capabilities offer two-way communication with in-house systems, the ability to leverage established reporting methodology, direct management of BOM structure updates and standardization with common nomenclature. Assent also provides integration support to ensure a seamless transition to the Assent Compliance Platform.

Tap into the power of automation using Assent’s cutting-edge integrations. Get better quality data in less time, and reduce the risks of human error. By integrating Assent with your existing resource ecosystem, you’ll deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings to your organization.

PTC Windchill

Assent and PTC have partnered to create a seamless integration that offers a complete supply chain, product compliance, and life cycle management solution. See it in action.


Synchronize your business processes and data between SAP and Assent with a configurable integration that puts you in control. Contact Assent to learn more.

Other Platforms

Connect your existing tools with Assent’s platform using standard API integrations and SFTP data imports. Unlock the ability to securely and efficiently import suppliers, parts, contacts, subassemblies, and products, reducing the risk of human error and streamlining the integration process. Contact Assent to learn how we can unify your supply chain tools and eliminate data silos.

Advanced Technology & Artificial Intelligence

We are committed to investing in innovative technologies that push the boundaries of what companies expect from a software and data partner. Our platform is changing the way companies think about their data, and how it works for them in an evolving regulatory environment, by leveraging advanced technology such as artificial intelligence. It revolutionizes data processes, allowing companies to action their data toward the completion of their goals. Artificial intelligence will also assist companies by providing new insights so they can make the best decisions for their business, their supply chain and their customers.

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