• Conflict Mineral Data Collection

Conflict Mineral Data Collection (EICC Form)

Conflict Mineral Data Collection

As part of the Conflict Minerals RCOI the Assent Compliance supply chain team can provide conflict mineral data collection support services for software and non-software clients alike. Assent’s professional data mining teams can operate to communicate with your suppliers via phone and email to locate the right contact, and the right data to keep your compliance program on track. Assent is able to leverage current compliance relationships at 1000’s of firms to expedite data gathering initiatives through economies of scale. This keeps progress flowing with costs and time in check.

The Assent Conflict Mineral Data Gathering Support Services Include:

Collect compliance data (Declarations/EICC forms/surveys etc.)

Collect key compliance contacts

Analyse compliance data (regulatory division)

Train/onboard suppliers to your compliance program

Educate/train suppliers on regulatory requirements

Phone/Email or Chat Support

Why Choose Assent for Conflict Mineral Data Collection Services?

Assent has developed a best-in-class process for conflict mineral data collection that helps companies save thousands of wasted hours and dollars by automating the entire process. Our highly skilled team of professional data miners help save you time and money, while also ensuring that your compliance program stays on track. Both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs have used and benefited from Assent’s conflict mineral data collection services. Our data gathering services are priced based on project scope and at various tiers.
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