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    Meeting & Exceeding Market Expectations for Cobalt Due Diligence
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Why Use a Cobalt Data Collection & Management Solution?

Although there are currently no legal requirements regarding cobalt sourcing, many companies voluntarily track and report on this information in an effort to build comprehensive responsible minerals programs. Additionally, some companies have made cobalt due diligence a contractual requirement for the suppliers with which they do business. This stems from reports of substandard working conditions in mines and an effort to avoid supporting armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where approximately 60 percent of global cobalt is mined.

To keep up with the market’s growing expectations, companies must collect, organize and report on extensive data from their supply chains to verify the sources of cobalt they use. Leveraging a secure, automated system reduces the time and energy required to acquire and manage data, while making data readily accessible when it is needed.

Assent’s Responsible Minerals — Cobalt Module

The Responsible Minerals — Cobalt Module helps companies efficiently collect and validate cobalt data, providing supply chain transparency and risk reduction. Companies can leverage the Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT) to ensure data is acquired in accordance with industry standards, enabling informed decision-making about cobalt sourcing and risk mitigation.

Learn more about Assent’s cobalt solution in our guide, The Assent Compliance Platform.


Module Highlights:

Directly import Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) member
smelter data.

Standardized input using the CRT.

Business intelligence dashboards providing visibility and
data analysis.

Supplier program strength analysis.

Efficient, automated data collection across your
supplier network.

Validation of CRT submissions.

Rule-based workflow for streamlined submission review
and approval.

Stay ahead of evolving cobalt risk.
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