• Human Rights Module

    Protect Human Rights Through Demonstrated Due Diligence

Human Rights Module

Why Choose Human Rights Software?

The Human Rights Module, part of Assent’s Corporate Social Responsibility Suite, facilitates compliance with a variety of human rights regulations through its intelligent data collection and risk mitigation capabilities. Companies using human rights software benefit from enhanced supply chain transparency and increased efficiency in their supply chain outreach, improving the quality of supplier interactions while reducing the volume of communications required. A platform solution like Assent helps companies to assess and mitigate human rights-related risk in their supply chains.

How Companies Benefit from Assent’s Human Rights Module

Assent’s Human Rights Module enhances the corporate social responsibility programs of companies around the globe. The software automates supply chain communication, data collection and management to support compliance with a variety of regulations, from conflict minerals to human trafficking and slavery. The human rights software accepts and validates information collected from industry-standard templates such as the Conflict Mineral Reporting Template (CMRT). Using Assent’s compliance and data management software, companies can confidently comply with all regulations for which they are in scope, while preparing their compliance programs to scale.

Some regulations the Human Rights Module helps companies comply with include:

Dodd-Frank Section 1502

EU Conflict Mineral Regulation

Human Rights Module Highlights:

Data collection, validation and management at scale

Increased efficiency in supply chain communications

Integrated Assent University compliance learning management system for education and compliance training

Demonstrable and auditable proof of due diligence

Improved legal and reputational protection through proactive compliance

And more!

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