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Why Choose a Sustainability Solution?

In today’s regulatory landscape, companies with strong sustainability programs are better prepared to attract investors and consumers. This has made it increasingly critical for companies to report on sustainability initiatives in their operations and throughout the supply chain. In order to reduce the burden on suppliers, who may receive multiple, varied data requests, many companies are designing sustainability programs that leverage Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and industry best practices to streamline requests to suppliers. A robust sustainability program can protect a brand’s image and proactively mitigate the potential for liability.

Assent’s Sustainability Module

Assent’s Sustainability Module leverages the GRI Reporting Standards through automated supplier sendouts to help companies meet their sustainability program goals. The solution allows companies to manage supplier data in one centralized location, and provides enhanced dynamic reporting and data analysis functionality for increased supply chain transparency.

Sustainability Module Highlights:

  • Facilitates supply chain data collection and management
  • Ensures accurate reporting and proves due diligence
  • Integrated Campaign Manager streamlines supply chain communications
  • Assent University Classroom provides comprehensive internal and supplier education
  • Improved brand reputation and competitive advantage
  • Ability to meet environmental, social and economic standards with one solution
  • Collect data to file a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) disclosure
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