• Custom Compliance Survey Software (SaaS)

    Efficiently Survey Your Supply Chain & Gather Compliance Data

Custom Compliance Survey Software (SaaS)

Custom Compliance Survey Software (SaaS)

In order to obtain compliance data companies need a means to efficiently survey their supply chain and gather compliance data. The Assent Compliance suite offers a custom compliance survey software that can be attached to parts, products and components to easily aggregate data and prove compliance. This module of the Assent Compliance suite allows users to quickly communicate with their suppliers in the most user friendly way possible, gather responses, analyze data and receive alerts based on user determined metrics.

How Assent’s Custom Compliance Survey Software Works

Clients build a custom survey that reflects their regulatory guidelines and regulations that they wish to gather compliance data for. (There are 30 available modules).

Clients upload a bill of material or parts list of which they would like to gather compliance data.

Suppliers are linked to parts through Assent’s Compliance Contact Database and through client supplier list.

The Assent Compliance Manager sends survey to all suppliers through a unique campaign.

Open Rate, Bounced Emails and All Other Associated Metrics are tracked.

Responses are received and progress measured through rich reporting and analytics features.

CRM features allow compliance managers to track the entire process and individual follow ups and interactions with suppliers.

Why Choose Assent’s Custom Compliance Survey Software?

The entire process is quickly deployed, scalable and makes gathering compliance data from any RSL simple. Assent’s custom survey features save thousands of hours and dollars in compliance efforts.

Case Study

See how Big Ass Fans uses Assent’s GPRS.

Case Study

See how Corning Glass uses Assent’s GPRS

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