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ESG Reporting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a business imperative that can impact your company’s ability to secure capital if you are not serious about showing progress. Your company is facing increasing investor scrutiny, regulatory compliance requirements, and customer pressure. Gathering data to meet these challenges and create accurate ESG reporting is hard, demanding a cross-enterprise view of your supplier network that you may not have.

Assent’s ESG Solution helps protect your company, decrease risk exposure, and improve financial performance.

ESG, ROI, & The Essential Role of Your Supply Chain

Assent’s 360° Approach Drives Deeper Insight

We combine indirect monitoring of media and watchlists with direct engagement of suppliers that aligns with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, helping you build a scalable ESG program and create defensible disclosures that meet global requirements.

Assent is the only ESG solution made specifically
for complex supply chains that:

  • Provides information for detailed, defensible reporting and disclosures.
  • Monitors suppliers and their related parties for ESG topics material to your business.
  • Enables a view of individual supplier performance across ESG risk areas and product compliance.
  • Helps you prioritize suppliers with stronger ESG track records.
  • Tracks supply chain ESG health over time.

The Assent Supplier ESG Risk Dashboard

Our supplier risk dashboard builds upon the benefits of the Assent Compliance Platform, helping you identify high-risk suppliers and areas of concern in your supply chain so you can take action.

  1. ESG topics that could be a source of risk in your supply chain.
  2. Performance of suppliers across different ESG risk areas.
  3. Shows progression of supply chain ESG health over time.
  4. Highlights strategic partnerships based on how many products each supplier represents.

Build Your ESG Foundation With Defensible ESG Disclosures

Whether you start with a targeted focus or comprehensive ESG capabilities, Assent grows with you. We help you build a strong foundation based on nine topics most impactful to complex manufacturers.


Climate Change
Resource Use


Human & Labor Rights
Employee Health & Safety
Diversity & Inclusion


Organizational Commitment
Data Protection & Privacy

Proactively Prepare for Evolving Regulatory Risks

The ESG imperative goes beyond investors and industry. Governments around the world are implementing new requirements for sustainable supply chains. In the face of evolving requirements like the German Supply Chain Act and the Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains, Assent’s solution can:

  • Facilitate compliance with product compliance (e.g. TSCA) and ESG topics.
  • Help you perform due diligence on suppliers to identify human rights and environmental issues.
  • Create detailed reports and investigate areas of concern within the supply chain.

Set your company up for sustainable growth with Assent’s ESG Solution.
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