• EU RoHS Module

    The Restricted Substances Tracking & Data Management Solution

Why Choose an EU RoHS Compliance Solution?

The EU RoHS Module, part of the Assent Product Compliance Suite, enables companies to gather, store and assess compliance data to ensure their products comply with the restricted substance obligations of the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. The solution helps companies to track substances throughout the supply chain while assessing and mitigating their risk. Companies are able to manage the RoHS exemptions they currently use, while staying informed of the changes to the RoHS exemption list as they occur.

Assent’s EU RoHS Module

The Assent Compliance EU RoHS Module automates supply chain communication, enabling companies to collect, store and validate restricted substances data. This data is managed and organized efficiently, so reporting and auditing remains as accurate as possible. Materials management compliance through a platform solution like Assent provides companies with uninterrupted market access, as they have the ability to track restricted substances throughout their supply chains and ensure products meet rigorous requirements in an evolving regulatory environment.

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Find out whether you have requirements under EU RoHS in our scoping guide.

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EU RoHs Module Highlights:

Manages supply chain data collection, facilitation and organization

Ensures accurate reporting and proves due diligence

Integrated Campaign Manager streamlines supply chain communications

Tracks restricted substances throughout the supply chain

Manages current exemptions, and provides visibility into available exemptions

Integrated Assent University Classroom provides comprehensive internal and supplier education

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