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May 24, 2018

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Chicago — May 24, 2018

At the Standards Symposium, attendees will hear from industry experts on the new Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense, Heavy Equipment and Other Industries (IPC-1754) standard and the value of full material disclosures (FMDs). They will benefit from essential learning opportunities, panel discussions and insight from various industries on how best to leverage these tools and efficiently integrate them into compliance programs. Professionals can expect to walk away from this comprehensive, one-day conference understanding the impact of the new IPC-1754 standard while also learning how to maximize the benefits of FMDs.


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Featuring engaging presentations from:


Walter Jager

2-18K Committee Co-Chair (IPC-1754),
Principal Consultant

ECD Compliance

Walter Jager is a principal consultant of ECD Compliance, where he has worked for more than 12 years with product manufacturers, suppliers, and certification bodies on everything from product compliance to global environmental regulations. Walter serves as chair of the Canadian committees for IEC/TC 111 (Environmental standardization for electrical/electronic products) and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 39 (Sustainability for and by Information Technology), and is also co-chair of the 2-18k Materials and Substances Declaration for the Aerospace and Defense, Heavy Equipment and Other Industries committee, which was responsible for the development of IPC-1754.

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Rhonda B. Grady

Program Director, Ethics
& Business Compliance

Esterline Technologies Corporation

As a member of Esterline's corporate legal team, Rhonda has developmental and operational responsibility for Esterline's ethics, anti-corruption, human rights, data privacy, supply chain transparency, and E&HS programs, including training and management of the Ethics & Compliance Helpline. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Economics from Northeast Louisiana University, is a Certified Public Accountant, and holds both the Compliance & Ethics Professional and Compliance & Ethics Professional - International Certifications. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she is an avid golfer and Miss America preliminary judge.

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John Hunter

Sustainability Analysis
& Compliance Manager

Caterpillar Inc.

John has been a leader in Caterpillar's chemical management program since 2008, spearheading the company's response to the REACH Regulation. In 2010, he moved to Caterpillar's Global Headquarters to support the Environmental Health and Safety team before moving back into Product Compliance to implement a conflict minerals compliance program. John is also co-chair of the Conformity and Assessment Committee as part of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)'s efforts to support U.S. companies, and works across multiple industries to mitigate the impact of global regulations.

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Joseph Auer

Product Material Compliance
(PMC) Product Manager


Joseph Auer has spent over 45 years in a variety of challenging and complex roles. As a leader in Woodward's Global Supply Chain department, he facilitates the development of material compliance processes, procedures, tools and systems, and provides material compliance regulation interpretation. Prior to Woodward, Joseph ran a sole proprietor program management consulting business for seven years, serving defense program clients.

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Will Janisch

Vice Chair, Medtech

Sr. Manager, Global Environmental
Compliance, Baxter

Will Janisch is responsible for Baxter's holistic approach to supplier risk, sustainability, performance management and innovation. He has represented the publicly-traded healthcare company at Marcus Evans conferences, where his 2015 presentation at the third Conflict Minerals Conference stood out for its innovative approach to conflict minerals compliance. Will has a long track record of supply chain diligence. Since the enactment of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, he has become a trusted source of information on process and implementation of procurement policies with respect to conflict minerals.

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James Calder

VP, Compliance
& Regulatory Programs

Assent Compliance

James leads Assent Compliance's Regulatory team, providing clients with expertise and insights into the development, implementation and management of their compliance programs. His career spans over 12 years as a senior expert on product stewardship, regulatory approvals/certifications, product safety and ethical sourcing. Before joining Assent, James spent three years as Rakuten Kobo's Compliance Officer during the company's aggressive global expansion. He also spent seven years managing the regulatory team at Intertek, one of the largest certification, testing and consultancies in the world.

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Speaker to be announced.



Speaker to be announced.



Speaker to be announced.




  • 8:30 AM
    Registration & Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM
    Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • 9:15 AM
    Keynote Presentation
    John Hunter, Caterpillar Inc.
  • 10:20 AM
    Presentation: What Is IPC-1754?
    Walter Jager, ECD Compliance
    Hear from the co-chair of the IPC-1754 development committee about the new standard, how it will impact your business and why a standardized approach to substance reporting is so important.
  • 11:10 AM
  • 11:25 AM
    Presentation: Leveraging DSLs to Meet Industry & Regulatory Needs
    Ben Bolt, Boeing
    IPC-1754 can be implemented in multiple industries to meet diverse DSL requirements. Understand the process for utilizing the AD-DSL and its benefits within the supply chain.
  • 12:05 PM
    Presentation: Reporting on Substances in Products With the AD-SRT
    Ashley Rubinsky, Lockheed Martin Corporation
    An introduction to the AD-SRT, with simplified population training and use case examples.
  • 12:40 PM
  • Afternoon

  • 1:40 PM
    Presentation: Understanding the Value of FMDs
    James Calder, Assent Compliance
    Full material disclosures can make a difference in your compliance program, but you have to know how to use the data collected. Hear from an expert about the power of FMDs to enhance your product compliance program.
  • 2:30 PM
    Panel: The Supplier Perspective — Tier by Tier
    Moderator: Mark Swofford, Embraer
    Panelist: Joseph Auer, Woodward
    Compliance professionals across different tiers of the supply chain offer insight into the value of FMDs, how they see IPC-1754 affecting their industry and how to manage process chemicals in the supply chain.
  • 3:20 PM
  • 3:40 PM
    Presentation: Evaluating Your Options — Preparing for IPC-1754
    Rhonda Grady, Esterline
    Hear from a compliance expert about expected challenges surrounding the adoption of IPC-1754. How can companies prepare for this new standard, what lessons from IPC-1752 can be applied and which best practices can they implement in their own operations?
  • 4:15 PM
    Medical Perspective: Lessons Learned Using FMDs
    Will Janisch, Baxter & Medtech
    Hear from an expert in the medical industry about FMD challenges, resourcing your compliance efforts and what the medical industry found during its first try at using FMDs. With the industry’s 2020 compliance deadline approaching, a mix of IPC-175X standards is needed to put together a full picture of your products.
  • 4:45 PM
    Closing Remarks
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    Network With Your Peers


    Expand your education on the new IPC-1754 standard and hear directly from the experts who developed it


    Learn how to maximize the value of FMDs in your industry


    Network with professionals in the aerospace and defense, heavy equipment, and medical device industries


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    455 North Park Drive
    Chicago, Illinois, 60611, U.S.
    Reservations: 312-840-6600

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