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    Automate & Streamline Your Supply Chain Outreach

Increase Efficiency with a Full Material Disclosure Module

The Full Material Disclosure (FMD) Module, available through the Product Compliance Suite, prevents the need for repeated supply chain queries to update material declarations as restricted or declarable substance lists change. It automates the complexity of supply chain outreach by leveraging Assent’s industry-leading supplier portal, renowned for achieving exceptional supplier response rates for our clients. Collecting FMDs is straightforward and provides organizations with visibility into the entire materials composition of their products.

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How the Full Material Disclosure (FMD) Module Works

The Full Material Disclosure (FMD) Module is designed to save clients time, effort and money. Once FMDs are collected, the Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) maps suppliers to the parts, components and products they contribute to an organization’s bills of materials (BOMs).Assent then integrates the FMD data into an intuitive hierarchical roll-up, allowing engineers to manage various declarable substance lists, including REACH, RoHS, Proposition 65, customer specifications and lists of restricted substances. The data provided within FMDs can be leveraged to satisfy a wide range of existing and emerging compliance objectives, product lifecycle assessments, material footprinting and rare earth elements tracking. Assent provides an easy-to-use materials declaration generator tool that allows suppliers to create their own IPC-1752A or IPC 1754 XML material declarations.

Assent’s Full Material Disclosure Module Highlights:

Automate queries to your suppliers for FMDs and declarations of compliance

Best-in-class supplier portal and data collection services

One-click Substance Report providing full substance breakdown for any product

Perform product-level roll-ups

Query against latest regulatory and customer restricted/declarable substance lists

Receive notifications of risks and compliance statuses

Supports IPC-1752A, IPC-1754, IEC 62474 and other common FMD standards

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