• The Medical Device Industry

The Compliance Landscape

Meeting changing requirements and ensuring your products do not cause harm to the human lives they help save can be difficult in a complex compliance landscape. Some of the challenges you may face include managing your reputation and a high degree of stakeholder scrutiny, ensuring uninterrupted market access and business continuity, and avoiding financial penalties or class action lawsuits. Standardization and centralization are key factors to overcoming these challenges and supporting the success of your compliance programs, but they can be difficult to achieve as requirements for companies in your industry change.

Industry-Specific Challenges

Companies in the medical device industry may struggle with inconsistent data collection tools and templates, have internalized programs that lack normalized processes, and face specific challenges such as obtaining CE certification. We understand these challenges, and can work with your company to achieve success through efficient and automated supply chain data management and 24/7 support. Our regulatory experts help you understand and adapt to the changing landscape, and prepare your programs to scale.

Medical Device
Companies Face Unique
Compliance Challenges

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Medical Device Industry Regulations

Your company could be in scope of a variety of regulations in the product compliance, corporate social responsibility and vendor management spaces. These include:

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes.

Country of origin (COO) requirements.

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