• The Oil & Gas Industry

The Compliance Landscape

The compliance landscape is in a state of evolution, and global oil and gas businesses must navigate compelling challenges and expanding supply chain data requirements. Companies are expected to take ownership of the actions of their upstream suppliers, and the extraction sites they build and operate. Failure to address this can lead to severe penalties that may threaten the short and long-term health of any company. Standardization and centralization can help companies engage their regulatory requirements efficiently and manage data with accuracy.

Industry-Specific Challenges

Companies in the oil and gas industry have many compelling challenges to navigate, including:

  • Rapid expansion of the regulatory landscape.
  • Complex products that must operate safely in challenging environments.
  • Business contexts with a high risk of corruption.
  • Human rights abuses at extraction sites.
  • Poor integration between modern data solutions and existing systems.
  • Association with fossil fuel consumption.
  • Unstable global trade climate.

Assent works with many of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to manage supply chain data effectively with modern data exchange standards, and the most robust platform available. We help them achieve success through efficient and automated campaign management, 24/7 support, regulatory expertise and supplier education.

Compliance Within
an Oil & Gas Context

Learn more about how existing and emerging regulatory requirements can impact your company, and how best to respond.

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