• The Retail Industry

The Compliance Landscape

The regulatory landscape is expanding, and retail companies have more data requirements to manage. Risk management teams in the industry have a larger role in validating and verifying the product documentation suppliers provide to them. They also have a responsibility to ensure the work environments to which they outsource production operate with respect for human rights and according to labor standards. Standardization and centralization can help companies engage their regulatory requirements efficiently and manage data with accuracy.

Industry-Specific Challenges

Companies in the retail industry have many compelling challenges to navigate, including:

  • Rapid expansion of the regulatory landscape.
  • High consumer expectations.
  • Competitive industry.
  • Low visibility into human rights violations in the supply chain.
  • Growing scrutiny from regulatory bodies and stakeholders.
  • Rotating stock, and thousands of products to validate.
  • Outdated supply chain data management solutions that do not scale.
  • Limited visibility into product composition.
  • Unstable global trade climate.

Assent is uniquely positioned to help retailers respond to these challenges. We work with many of the world’s largest companies to help them manage their expanding data requirements, and ensure their internal code of conduct is reflected throughout the supply chain. We help them achieve success through efficient and automated campaign management, 24/7 support, regulatory expertise and supplier education.

Compliance Within
a Retail Context

Learn more about how existing and emerging regulatory requirements can impact your retail brand, and how best to respond.

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Retail Regulations

Your company could be in scope of a variety of regulations in the product compliance, corporate social responsibility and vendor management spaces. These include:

DFARS flow-downs (NIST, Specialty Metals, Anti-Human Trafficking).

EU Biocidal Products Regulation.

Food Contact Materials (Title 21 CFR, EU Regulation No 1935/2004 and 2935/2006)

Mandatory sustainability reporting (e.g. Dow Jones Sustainability Index)

Country of origin requirements (e.g. Made in America, HTS Codes)

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