• Information Security Module

    Complete Visibility Into Supply Chain Security Policies

Why an Information Security Module?

Organizations are growing in technology and automation, which makes them increasingly complex. An Information Security Module provides full visibility into supply chain security policies and ensures all data handling remains secure. This helps protect companies from associated risks, including breach of contracts, fines, and reputational damage to their brand.
Overview: Information Security Module

How Do Companies Suffer Data Breaches?

Companies suffer data breaches in a variety of ways. A breach can occur through lost paper files or a lost device, such as a laptop or media stick. Other ways to suffer a data breach could include hackers, or a compromised vendor or supplier. To protect themselves from the risks associated with a data breach, companies can utilize an automated software solution to assess risk and both suppliers and internal employees adhere to the organization’s corporate security policy.

Assent’s Information Security Module Highlights

The Information Security Module enables companies to perform an assessment of supplier risk, including the likelihood of unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction of the asset and the information it processes, stores or transmits. Highlights of the survey include:

Automated to ensure fast and efficient data collection

Ensures traceability throughout the supply chain and auditability

Enables alignment with industry standards

References common security frameworks such as ISO 27001/2, ISO 27017, ISO 27032 and more

Customizable to capture all required data, ensuring companies can assess their suppliers’ ability to meet corporate security policy requirements

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