• Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) Module

    The Fair Labor Compliance Solution

Why Choose an LSAS Solution?

Assent Compliance offers a comprehensive Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) solution that combines software, consulting services, and a learning management system to meet your specific program requirements. Assent can help your company build and implement efficient LSAS assurance programs focused on risk-based policy plans, and develop targets and objectives to meet the auditing requirements of every level of the LSAS system.

Software & Consulting Services Highlights:

Assent’s LSAS supply chain data management solution offers many benefits, which may include:

Support with implementation of the Labor Standards Assurance (management) System Specification and Maturity Matrix

Software, consulting and advisory services

Review of standard operating procedures

Documentation and policy review/creation

End-to-end program development and implementation

Supply chain data collection and management

Increased supply chain visibility

A learning management system for internal staff and suppliers

Performance measurement and monitoring

Real-time reporting

Mitigation program support

Supply chain risk assessment

Labor standards status reviews

Project management support

...And more!

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