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    Upstream Media Monitoring For Enhanced Due Diligence

The Benefits of
Media Monitoring

Companies with complex supply chains may face operational, financial and reputational risks as a result of their suppliers’ conduct. An effective media monitoring program will examine multiple channels for critical mentions of suppliers to assess and mitigate these risks.

Assent’s Media Monitoring
Plus Services

Identifying all potential risks in a global supply chain can be challenging, but Assent’s media monitoring service examines upstream sources that may impact businesses, providing greater supplier transparency and risk awareness. The service monitors traditional news sources and non-traditional channels such as sanctions lists to detect potential issues earlier, and ensure that a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals are consistently met across the supply chain.

Assent’s Media Monitoring Plus service
analyzes the following channels:



Online and print news media.


Social media.

Denied and debarment lists.

Non-governmental organization
(NGO) reports.

The service will constantly monitor these channels
against 11 specific risk types, including:

Human trafficking and slavery.

Environmental issues.

Corporate social responsibility.

Code of conduct compliance.

Bribery and corruption.

Money laundering.

Serious litigation.

Denied parties.

Responsible mineral sourcing.

Business continuity.

Financial insolvency.

Greater Transparency With
Media Monitoring Plus

Assent’s service improves upon traditional media monitoring by using advanced algorithms developed by an in-house team of subject matter experts. In addition to monitoring media channels, the service examines targeted denied party lists sourced from public record, court filings and other resources to detect potential issues sooner. Assent offers global coverage, tracking media in 182 countries and jurisdictions in more than 18 languages. Screening is ongoing, so once monitoring begins, it remains in effect until it is no longer needed.

Assent combines awareness with risk assessment, and categorizes risk by potential severity, so companies can make more informed business decisions. The service works in tandem with Assent’s Corporate Social Responsibility Suite, empowering more effective due diligence and delivering high-quality information about third parties in the supply chain.

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