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James-Calder-Vice-President-Compliance-and-Regulatory-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale James-Calder-Vice-President-Compliance-and-Regulatory-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

James Calder

Vice President - Compliance & Regulatory Programs

I lead Assent’s team of Regulatory Experts, with over 12 years of experience building and improving compliance programs.

Talk to me about:
  • How companies leverage data to satisfy internal policy and external regulatory requirements
  • Compliance and regulatory program implementation and management
  • Product compliance, corporate social responsibility and vendor management data requirements
Travis-Miller-General-Counsel-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Travis-Miller-General-Counsel-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Travis Miller

General Counsel

I am an international trade and compliance attorney, handling Assent’s worldwide legal activities.

Talk to me about:
  • The impact of global anti-bribery & anti corruption laws
  • ITAR/EAR sanctions and what they mean for companies
  • Legal insight into various conflict minerals, corporate social responsibility, regulatory compliance information security, import/export compliance laws
Sarah-Carpenter-Manager-Business-Human-Rights-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Sarah-Carpenter-Manager-Business-Human-Rights-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Sarah Carpenter

Manager, Business & Human Rights

I am a human rights practitioner who promotes world-wide business respect for human rights. I have worked with the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) and a wide range of rights-based non-governmental organizations.

Talk to me about:
  • The role businesses play in ensuring human rights are respected throughout the supply chain
  • The impact of human trafficking and slavery regulations on companies
  • Human trafficking and slavery regulations like the UK Modern Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and more
Kate-Dunbar-Senior-Business-Human-Rights-Analyst-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Kate-Dunbar-Senior-Business-Human-Rights-Analyst-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Kate Dunbar

Senior Business & Human Rights Analyst

I am a human rights professional, specializing in child protection in emergencies and as a human rights advocate, that has worked with civil society organizations, UN agencies, international NGOs and the private sector in 13 countries across four continents.

Talk to me about:
  • How companies can ensure respect for human rights throughout their operations
  • Assessing and mitigating the risk of human trafficking and slavery in supply chains
  • The impact of regulations such as the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and more
Jared-Connors-Senior-Subject-Matter-Expert-Corporate-Social-Responsibility-in-Compliance-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Jared-Connors-Senior-Subject-Matter-Expert-Corporate-Social-Responsibility-in-Compliance-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Jared Connors

Senior Subject Matter Expert - Corporate Social Responsibility in Compliance Programs

I am a senior subject matter expert specializing in corporate social responsibility in compliance programs.

Talk to me about:
  • How to achieve CSR goals by understanding and mitigating potential supply chain risk
  • How companies can take a holistic approach to CSR
  • Corporate social responsibility-related regulations, such as those pertaining to human trafficking and slavery, conflict minerals, and anti-bribery, anti-corruption
Bruce-Jarnot-Senior-Manager-Product-Compliance-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Bruce-Jarnot-Senior-Manager-Product-Compliance-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Bruce Jarnot

Senior Manager - Product Compliance

I am a board certified toxicologist with over 20 years of experience in global regulatory, materials management and environmental health and safety.

Talk to me about:
  • Global product compliance regulations and how they impact companies
  • Food and beverage regulations, FDA and USDA standards and how supply chains can be impacted by these laws
  • Environmental health and safety
Valerie-Kuntz-Materials-Management-Subject-Matter-Expert-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Valerie-Kuntz-Materials-Management-Subject-Matter-Expert-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Valerie Kuntz

Materials Management Subject Matter Expert

I am a product compliance expert with over 19 years in industry, specializing in REACH and RoHS program implementation at large companies.

Talk to me about:
  • How companies are meeting REACH and global RoHS product requirements
  • Product compliance regulations, like Proposition 65, and their impact on supply chains
  • Product compliance declaration standard development
Raj-Takhar-Materials-Management-Subject-Matter-Expert-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Raj-Takhar-Materials-Management-Subject-Matter-Expert-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Raj Takhar

Materials Management & Subject Matter Expert (Europe)

I am a product compliance expert specializing in restricted substances and chemical reporting in Europe.

Talk to me about:
  • How companies implement product compliance programs that adapt to changing regulations
  • The changing landscape of product compliance regulations like REACH and RoHS
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)
Sanket-Mehta-Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Analyst-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Sanket-Mehta-Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Analyst-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Sanket Mehta

Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst

I help companies implement corporate social responsibility programs and translate results into financial growth.

Talk to me about:
  • Understanding and mitigating potential supply chain risk
  • Addressing CSR with a holistic approach
  • Sustainable development, policy, impact strategy and assessment, and reporting practices
Neil-Smith-Manager-Compliance-&-Regulatory-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-greyscale Neil-Smith-Manager-Compliance-&-Regulatory-Programs-Assent-Compliance-headshot-color +

Neil Smith

Manager, Compliance & Regulatory Programs

I have more than 17 years of experience in managing product compliance and sustainability programs, with a focus on environmental, health and safety.

Talk to me about:
  • How companies can work smarter, not harder, to effectively manage their compliance programs
  • Collaborating to solve your company's compliance and CSR challenges
  • Optimizing your regulatory and compliance programs

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