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Platform Configuration & Implementation

Seamless Compliance Platform Configuration & Implementation

With every license of the Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) there is a configuration and implementation component. In order to optimize the platform for maximum efficiency and ROI, Assent assists with configuration and implementation. The following components are addressed on an “as needed” basis:

Data Import and Validation

The Assent Data Team works diligently with clients to ensure that all relevant data is imported into the platform, validated (if required) and configured to meet specific client requirements. Assent also hosts an active API for most data exchange needs.

Data and Contact Mapping

One of the Assent advantages is that Assent currently keeps an active database of thousands of supplier contacts and publicly available compliance data (program specific). During the implementation phase, clients determine which contacts and data they wish to leverage to further their program goals.

Workflow and Field Configuration

Each client has unique needs and use cases which can be configured for through Assent’s workflow management and custom field manager. Each instance of Assent’s platform is configured to meet your company’s compliance goals.

User and Supplier Training

To ensure that each Assent client and supplier has an optimal experience and achieves their specific goals, Assent provides comprehensive platform training during implementation and as needed throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

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