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    Efficient Chemical Reporting & Compliance

Why Use the Chemical Reporting Module?

Chemical reporting is a vital step in the compliance process and is essential to ensure market access for products. The Assent Compliance Chemical Reporting Module, part of the Product Compliance Suite, facilitates compliance for companies operating within this ever-changing regulatory environment. Restricted substance lists, such as those within Proposition 65, the REACH Regulation and RoHS Directive, are growing every year. Requirements under these and other chemical reporting initiatives are also in a state of flux, making it near impossible to maintain compliance. The Chemical Reporting Module provides stability within this shifting landscape, ensuring companies stay ahead of these regulatory changes and meet their requirements with confidence.

Overview: Chemical Reporting Module
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Collect Data & Meet Your Requirements

The Chemical Reporting Module can be used to comply with a variety of regulatory requirements, including but not limited to REACH, RoHS, Proposition 65 and custom restricted substances lists. The module allows companies to collect compliance data from their supply chain at scale, analyze the information and report on product composition against established regulatory thresholds. It is the single, most comprehensive chemical reporting solution available on the market today.

Upload, edit and generate IPC-1752A and IPC-1754 XML declaration files with Assent Materials Declaration Tool.


Chemical Reporting Module Highlights:

Update substance lists immediately as regulations change (e.g. REACH SVHC Candidate List)

Collect data for a wide range of regulations, including custom substance lists

Support IPC-1752A, IPC-1754 and other material declaration schemas

Roll-up product declarations

Manage vendors through an easy-to-use Supplier Portal for data collection

View restricted substance alerts

Full supply chain transparency and traceability

Track substances throughout supply chains and product hierarchies

The Product Compliance Suite ensures your products are compliant with regulatory requirements
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