Compliance Management Software: Do More Than Check Boxes

Companies that treat compliance as an administrative hurdle are missing out on actionable insights that compliance management software enables. With increased visibility into your supply chain, you can spot risks faster, find savings sooner, and be prepared for anything the changing business world can throw at you.

Actionable Insights
Through Increased Visibility

Unlock your true potential with the Assent Compliance Platform. The only compliance management software that automates, validates, and provides you the data you need to be successful.

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Automated Compliance

Talented teams often spend too long gathering the data necessary to demonstrate compliance. The Assent Compliance Platform automates these processes so your teams can climb out from under the mountain of data and deliver more value.

More Vendor & Supplier

Managing the expectations of your customers, vendors, and suppliers is tough and mistakes are costly. Move away from error-prone email and spreadsheet systems with more reliable compliance management software. The Assent Compliance Platform provides unrivaled visibility into your supply chain with configurable dashboards and its easy-to-use Supplier Portal.

Assent Helps
Hundreds of Companies

"With Assent’s expertise and platform solution, we have been able to leverage technology to streamline the collection and management of our EU Medical Device Regulation data in a cost-effective way."

Will Janisch, Senior Manager,
Global Environmental Compliance, Baxter

"Plain and simple, it’s a no-brainer. It takes you from a high-touchpoint type program with mediocre results to a low-touchpoint program with very high results, and program growth year in and year out."

Ryan Zelhofer, Former Product Compliance Manager,

"With our manual approach, we would typically only be able to manage about 60 products at a time. With Assent, we can now easily handle more than 860 products and 28,000 parts."

Joseph Auer, Product Material Compliance,
Project Manager, Woodward

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The Assent Compliance Platform

Collect, validate, and analyze your supply chain data, all from one platform. Unlocking your data empowers stakeholders from across a company to achieve more and risk less.

Automated Data
Acquisition & Validation

Centralized Platform
for Shared Insights

Scales With
Increasing Demands

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