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Budgeting for compliance is a complicated task, and the sooner you begin, the more likely you are to get executive buy-in. It takes most teams up to six months to figure out their budget and submit it for approval. Assent will help you understand what you should be budgeting for ahead of time — and how much we can help you save.

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Build Contingency Into
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Your regulatory landscape keeps growing and so do your expenses. A program that plans for this expansion will shield you from unexpected costs. Assent will build contingencies that scale your solution with new requirements as they unfold, instead of reacting after your bottom line has been impacted.

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It’s no secret that supply chain data is expensive to manage. That's why you need field-tested expertise, robust technology, and accessible support. With Assent, you will enjoy the best of these services in one place, applying savings of scale across the board and driving operational efficiencies you won’t get anywhere else.

Need some references?

"With Assent’s expertise and platform solution, we have been able to leverage technology to streamline the collection and management of our EU Medical Device Regulation data in a cost-effective way."

Will Janisch, Senior Manager,
Global Environmental Compliance, Baxter

"Plain and simple, it’s a no-brainer. It takes you from a high-touchpoint type program with mediocre results to a low-touchpoint program with very high results, and program growth year in and year out."

Ryan Zelhofer, Former Product Compliance Manager,

"With our manual approach, we would typically only be able to manage about 60 products at a time. With Assent, we can now easily handle more than 860 products and 28,000 parts."

Joseph Auer, Product Material Compliance,
Project Manager, Woodward

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The Assent Compliance Platform

With Assent, you will easily collect and validate your supply chain data, and build sustainable revenue across each of your business units. Can you afford to wait?

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